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Digital Multimeter

Current and Voltage Datalogger


The 175/176 is a datalogger for measuring and recording True RMS current and voltage. The readings are saved in the logger and simply read out by your PC with USB interface. The LCD can show current readings, MAX, MIN and sign of alarm.

  • Large capacity for storing 60,000 data points
  • ACA current clamp sensor (CP-09)
  • Voltage sensor can measure the floating voltage to meet CAT III 600V
  • LCD to show some logging information easily
  • Freely selectable measurement cycle from 1sec. to 24h
  • Download collected data through PC’s USB interface
  • Alarm display if user-defined maximum/minimum values are exceeded
  • Analysis software used to view graph for logging data


Input Channel Dual
T-RMS Measurement
Data Memory 100000
Time & Date Stamp
Auto Power Off
USB Interface
Manual & Automatic Mode
Function Range Accuracy
AC Current (True RMS) 200A ±2%
AC Voltage (True RMS) 600V ±1.5%
Measuring rate 1 sec. to 24h  
Analysis software Windows 7/8/98/2000/XP
size(HxWxD) 114mm x 63mm x 34mm
weight: 248g  


Sample Point Capacit 50,022 Points for Current & Voltage (if 2channel used)
100,044 Points for Current or Voltage (if 1channel used)
Sample Rate 1 Second to 24 hour
Current Range 2 to 200A AC
Current Accuracy ±2% ±1A
Current Resolution 0.1Amp AC
Voltage Range 0.1Amp AC
Voltage Accuracy ±2% ±1V
Voltage Resolution 0.1V AC
MAX Hold Hold the Maximum Reading
MIN Hold Hold the Minimum Reading
Start Mode Manual & Automatic Mode
Frequency Range of Current or Voltage 40Hz to 1kHz


Operating Range

Temperature 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F) using Alkaline Battery
Temperature 0% to 60% RH, Non-Condensing
Power Source 1.5V AAA Alkaline or Carbon Battery (4pc)
  • 3.6V Lithium battery and
  • CD software.
  • USB Cable
  • Current Clamp for 200A
  • Voltage Probes.