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Data Logger

Light Meter Data Logger


The DT-185 photometric/solar/light meter data logger is?small and portable but a very useful tool for measuring and recording light intensity. It has Automatic measurement mode. The luminosity of the instrument sensing components is in line with the International Commission on Illumination light adaptation curve. It has USB interface to transfer data and power supply, and has Manual & Automatic Start recording mode  

  •  Alarm value settings, and LED indicator 
  •  Record LED indication and low power LED indicator 
  •  Manually and Automatically starts recording mode 
  •  USB interface to transfer data and power supply, LED indicates the status information 
  •  Analysis Software support windows98/2000/XP/Vista/7
Memory  32000 stored data 
Programmable Sampling Rate  2sec. ~ 24h 
Measurement range  0 to 40 kLux / 0 to 37kFc. 
Resolution  0.1Lux/0.1Fc. 
Accuracy of  ± 5% 
Warm-up time of less than 2 seconds 


Solar Range 0-1999W/m2
Resolution 1W/m2
Accuracy ±5% or + 10W/m2
Logging Rate Selectable sampling interval:From 1-3600S  
Battery Type 3.6V Lithium (1/2AA) (SAFT LS14250, Tadiran TL-5101 or Equivalent)
Operating Temp. 0  to 50°C (32 to 122°F )  
Storage Temp. -10  to 60°C (4 to 140°F )  
Relative Humidity 10 %RH Operating, <80%RH Storage  
  • Instruction Manual
  • Li Battery
  • Software