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Digital Thermometer

Professional Digital Thermometer


The CEM DT-8891 Series of Digital Thermometers are precise Laboratory grade (0.15% + 1°C) rugged hand held tool. They are ideal Thermometers for HVAC and Central Heating Engineers. These thermometers work with K type temperature probes. The DT-8891A thermometer is a dual input K type Thermometer in which the differential temperature can be measured as well.


  • Large backlit display shows any combination of T1, T2, T1-T2, plus MAX, MIN, AVG
  • Relative time clock on MAX MIN and AVG provides a time reference for major events
  • Electronic Offset function allows compensation of thermocouple errors to maximize overall accuracy
  • Readout in 0C, 0 F, or Kelvin (K)
  • Auto Power Off mode (Sleep mode) increases battery life
  • IR Temperature measurement using IR-82 Sensor
  • IR Temperature upto 500°C


User Selectable °C/°F scales ● 
0.1°C/0.1°F/0.1°K resolutions ● 
Dual type K input ● 
Max/Min/Avg Hold and Data Hold ● 
Differential Temperature ● 
Scan Function (T1, T2, T3 ….) ● 
LCD Display with Backlit ● 
Wide Variety of interchangeable Probes ● 
Auto Power Off ● 
  • Battery
  • Type K temperature Probe (up to 280°C)
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • Test Certificate