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RCD (ELCB) Tester

Digital RCD (ELCB) Tester


The DT-904 is the Basic test Equipment an Electrician cannot do without. DT-904 is a Dual Function Test Instrument utilized to Verify electrical Wiring Connections and the Functioning of Earth leakage / Residual current detectors devices by forcing the ELCB/RCD to trip.

This verifies that the protection device open the mains power supply circuit when a current higher than a certain amplitude circulate into the ground/earth wire. This ensures the Electrical installation meet safety and regulation requirements.

  • 2000mS readout for testing latest delay action breakers
  • Fully programmed operation
  • Accurate digital read out of tripping time
  • Two LED lamps give quick check for correct wiring
  • Operates from mains supply. No need for batteries
  • Compact, lightweight and simple to operate
  • Zero cross circuitry permits testing at 0°and 180°portion of sine wave. At these two tests minimum (best) and maximum (worst) trip times will be displayed
  • Data hold function to freeze the digital trip time display allows for easy readout and eliminates the possibility of reading error
  • Confirms to EN61010-1, CAT-III 600V

Measuring Ranges 

Trip Current Settings  5mA 10mA 30mA 100mA 300mA 500mA 


Test current 

No Trip Test  50% of circuit breaker trip current selected 
Trip Test  100% of circuit breaker trip current selected 
Fast Trip Test  250mA regardless of circuit breaker trip current selected 
Fault Trip Time  2000ms (40ms for Fast Trip) 
Operational Voltage  220V, 230V, 240V AC±10% 50/60Hz 



Test Current  ±3% at 220V 230V 240V AC 
Test Current Duration   2000mS±5% for Trip and NO Trip Tests 
(limiter incorporated)  40ms±5% for Fast Trip Test 
Trip Time (Measurement Accuracy)  ±2% reading ±3 digit 
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying case
  • Battery