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Digital Clamp Meter

Professional Heavy Duty AC, DC/AC T-Rms Auto-Ranging Clamp Meters



Our new DT-3370 Series Heavy Duty Digital Clamp meters offer all the features you need to fit the way you work. It provides a full range of state of-the-art features to meet even the most demanding job requirements. The body and jaw perfectly fits in your and into tight areas of work. Meter controls are positioned so that current measurements can be done with one hand.

All the three clamp meters have improved based features such as a large, backlit display, true-RMS standards, CAT-IV safety ratings and a durably constructed housing. Have increased reading capability of 1000A and 1000V AC and DC.

These clamp meters confirm to CAT-III 1000V, CAT-IV 600V and are TUV & GS Approved. They confirm to EMC & LVD, EN:61326, EN:61010-1, EN:61010-02-031

  • True RMS Measurements for Accurate AC Voltage and Current Measurements
  • Built-In Non-Contact Voltage Detector
  • Data Hold (all models) and Peak Hold of Current Surges During Motor Startup
  • Measures Motor Capacitors to 10,000μF
  • 42 mm (2.0") Jaw Opening for Conductors up to 500MCM
  • Rugged Double Molded Housing
  • Autoranging with Manual Override
  • Auto Power Off, Low Battery Indication
  • 41/61 Segment Analogue Bar-Graph
  • Relative Measurement functions.
  • Diode and Continuity Check Facility



Function Range Resolution Accuracy
AC Current True RMS(50 to 60Hz) 400A 0.1A ±(2.8%±8Digits)
1000A 1A ±(3.0%±8Digits)


Function Range Resolution Accuracy
DC Voltage 400mV 0.1mV ±(0.8%±2Digits)
4V 0.001V ±(1.5%±2Digits)
40V 0.01V
400V 0.1V
600V 1V ±(2.0%±2Digits)


Function Range Resolution Accuracy
AC Voltage  True RMS (50Hz to 400Hz)    400mV 0.1mV ±(1.8%±20Digits)
4V 0.001V ±(1.5%±5Digits)
40V 0.01V
400V 0.1V
600V 1V ±(2.0%±8Digits)




Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Resistance 400Ω 0.1Ω ±(1.0%±4Digits)
4KΩ 0.001KΩ ±(1.5%±2Digits)
40KΩ 0.01KΩ
400KΩ 0.1KΩ
4MΩ 1KΩ ±(2.5%±5Digits)
40MΩ 10KΩ ±(3.5%±5Digits)




Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Capacitance 4.000nF 1pF ±(5%±30Digits)
40.00nF 10pF ±(5%±20Digits)
400.0nF 0.1nF ±(3%±5Digits)
4.000uF 1nF
40.00uF 10nF
400.0uF 0.1uF ±(4%±10Digits)
 4.000mF 0.001mF  ±(4.5%±10Digits)




Function Range Accuracy  
AC Voltage Frequency (Auto-ranging)  10HZ-10KHZ (1.0%±5Digits)




Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Frequency 4Hz 0.001Hz ±(1%±5Digits)
40Hz 0.01Hz
400Hz 0.1Hz
4kHz 1Hz
40kHz 10Hz
400kHz 100Hz
10MHz 10kHz




Function Range Resolution Accuracy
Temperature  -20to 1°C ±(3%±5Digits)
(type-K) (probe accuracy not included) -4to1400°C 1°F  




Function Testing Condition Reading
Diode  Forward DCA is approx.1mA, open circuit Voltage MAX.1.5V Forward voltage drop of Diode
Continuity Test current  MAX.1.5mA Buzzer makes a long sound,While resistance is less than (35W)



  • Testing Leads
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • Temperature Probe
  • Battery